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The SCTO is an independent organisation and is based on a joint initiative of the Swiss National Science Foundation and the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences.

As of 2017, the SCTO is a research infrastructure of national importance funded by the State Secretariat of Education, Research and Innovation and the Swiss National Science Foundation.

Executive Office


Under the hand of Managing Director Annette Magnin, all the threads of the SCTO are interwoven. Together with the SCTO board, she defines the measures for implementing the strategic goals of the association and for fulfilling the service agreement with the federal government.
Annette is a pharmacist and brings with her many years of experience and a broad knowledge of clinical research operations and the leadership and training of clinical professionals. In addition, she is involved in various professional and policy-related bodies. 


As ECRIN correspondent for Switzerland, Caecilia Schmid facilitates groundbreaking international partnerships in terrain of European research. In addition, she runs the Secretariat of the EUPATI Switzerland Platform, striving to have the voice of patients heard in the development and implementation of clinical trials. As Liaison Officer, she is also responsible for the SCTO Platforms Data Management, Education, Statistics and Methodology as well as the STEAM working group.
Caecilia has a doctorate in epidemiology, with substantial experience in international clinical research and in research collaboration.


Melanie Glaettli coordinates the development of an online Swiss training portal for clinical research. The online portal should help clinical researchers improve their career opportunities, make it easier for young researchers to access this field of research and ultimately contribute to higher quality in clinical research in Switzerland. She is also Liaison Officer for the SCTO Platform Project Management.
Melanie holds a doctorate in biology and, since 2008, has gained a wealth of experience in supporting clinical research, particularly in the promotion of young scientists.


As National Coordinator of SwissPedNet, Pascale Wenger builds relationships between Swiss-based experts in clinical paediatric centres and their colleagues in other countries, in support of both the research projects of paediatricians and the advancement of paediatric medicines. She also serves as Liaison Officer for three SCTO Platforms: Auditing, Monitoring, Regulatory Affairs, and Safety. In terms of network coordination, she supports researchers, professional groups and networks from various therapeutic fields, as they establish themselves and the infrastructure required for multicentre studies.
Pascale is a pharmacist with considerable experience in Regulatory Affairs and has been active in academic, patient-oriented research since 2008.


Cordula Landgraf is responsible for communications and stakeholder engagement. Working closely with management and the Steering Board, she further develops the SCTO’s communication strategy and seeks ways to enhance strategic collaboration with stakeholders – with a special emphasis on patient involvement.
Cordula is a licensed pharmacist and has extensive knowledge of regulatory affairs as well as many years of experience with stakeholder engagement and networking. She is a proponent of further education and teaches at various universities.

Tamara Kohler supports the team in the area of stakeholder engagement. As our Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) Project Manager, her focus lies on implementing and promoting patient and public involvement in academic clinical research.
Tamara is a business graduate and has a wide range of experience in the life sciences and the not-for-profit environment, including in the areas of relationship management and multistakeholder engagement.

Jadranka Knezevic coordinates communications projects and manages the editorial aspects of publications.
A qualified translator and editor, she also develops and maintains the SCTO’s corporate identity and ensures that a common thread runs through all aspects of the SCTO.

Michaela Egli explores the realm of digital media, as well as fresh approaches to fostering dialogue and interaction with the public and with researchers of both today and tomorrow.
A philosopher of science, she also brings practical experience in organisational development, communication and science outreach.

Debora Suter supports the SCTO’s communications team and makes sure that SCTO events run smoothly. After training to be a specialist in photography, she went on to obtain a diploma in commerce and business administration. She then worked for several years in the public sector as an executive assistant, which involved organising events and maintaining a variety of websites.


Vanessa Arn works closely with management as she oversees the SCTO’s finances and human resources. In addition, she ensures that the SCTO’s internal processes run smoothly and the right structures are in place.
A skilled professional with a commercial diploma, Vanessa has spent many years in the fields of research and public health and is fully familiar with the environment of the SCTO.

The SCTO Executive Office is located in Bern.