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The SCTO is an independent organisation and is based on a joint initiative of the Swiss National Science Foundation and the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences.

As of 2017, the SCTO is a research infrastructure of national importance funded by the State Secretariat of Education, Research and Innovation and the Swiss National Science Foundation.


The European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (ECRIN) supports the conduct of multinational clinical trials in Europe. Through its European Correspondents situated in each Member and Observer country, ECRIN collaborates with national networks of clinical trial units and engages with various European and international stakeholders in clinical research.

ECRIN develops, contributes to, and maintains freely accessible tools that facilitate clinical research and the organisation of multinational clinical trials in Europe. For example, it supports researchers by providing tools for facilitating data sharing, accessing regulatory and methodological designs, and much more.

Switzerland is represented in ECRIN’s Assembly of Members by a delegate from the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI). As a Member country, Switzerland has full access to ECRIN’s services. The SCTO hosts ECRIN’s European Correspondent for Switzerland, who serves as the national point of contact.

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Benefits for Swiss researchers

Sponsors and investigators conducting multicentre, multinational trials are faced with the challenge of navigating diverse, country-specific regulatory and administrative landscapes. ECRIN provides support to overcome these hurdles. Collaboration with ECRIN offers multiple advantages, including full access to ECRIN management and consultancy services, independent of the pathology concerned.

If you would like support with your trial, please contact your national European Correspondent.

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Anja Eskat, CTC Zurich