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Associate member

The SCTO is an independent organisation and is based on a joint initiative of the Swiss National Science Foundation and the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences.

As of 2017, the SCTO is a research infrastructure of national importance funded by the State Secretariat of Education, Research and Innovation and the Swiss National Science Foundation.

Further partners

KKS Network

Im Verein KKS-Netzwerk e. V. haben sich Koordinierungszentren für Klinische Studien (KKS) und Zentren für Klinische Studien (ZKS) zusammengeschlossen, mit dem Ziel, patientenorientierte klinische Forschung in Deutschland zu stärken.

Leiter der Geschäftsstelle
PD Dr. med. Sebastian Klammt

Alt-Moabit 96
10559 Berlin
Tel: +49 30 39409677
Fax: +49 30 39806302
E-Mail: geschaeftsstelle@kks-netzwerk.notexisting@nodomain.comde

Swiss Biobanking Platform (SBP)

SBP is the national coordination platform for human and non-human biobanks. It aims to respond to the increasing requests from biomedical researchers regarding quality and the interconnectedness of biobanks for research purposes.

Executive Director
Christine Currat

Avenue Pierre-Decker 2
1011 Lausanne
Tel: +41 21 314 46 91
E-mail: info@swissbiobanking.notexisting@nodomain.comch

Swiss Group for Clinical Cancer Research (SAKK)

The Swiss Group for Clinical Cancer Research (SAKK) is a non-profit organization which has been conducting clinical trials in oncology since 1965.

Prof. Dr Roger von Moos, President
Dr sc. nat. Peter Brauchli, Director

SAKK Coordinating Center
Effingerstrasse 33
3008 Bern
Tel:  +41 31 389 91 91
Fax: +41 31 389 92 00
E-Mail: info@sakk.notexisting@nodomain.comch

Swiss Paediatric Oncology Group (SPOG)

The Swiss Paediatric Oncology Group SPOG is an association whose objective it is to advance clinical ,i.e. directly patient-focused paediatric cancer research. 

Managing Director
Isabelle Lamontagne-Müller

SPOG Office
Effingerstrasse 33
3008 Bern
Tel:  +41 31 389 91 89
Fax: +41 31 508 41 42

Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN)

The Swiss Personalized Health Network is a national initiative under the leadership of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences (SAMS). In collaboration with the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics it contributes to the development, implementation and validation of coordinated data infrastructures in order to make health-relevant data interoperable and shareable for research in Switzerland.

Managing Director SPHN
Dr Thomas Geiger

Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN)
Haus der Akademien I Laupenstrasse 7
CH-3001 Bern

Swiss Professionals of Clinical Research Coordination (SPCRC)

Study nurses and study coordinators are an indispensable link in the clinical research process chain. Yet, there is potential for improvement when it comes to synergies. In order to find concrete solutions for leveraging the synergies and bundling the forces of Swiss study nurses and study coordinators, study nurses and study coordinators have been meeting since 2015 at a an annual congress. Since 2017, the group is organised as a Swiss association named Swiss Professionals of Clinical Research Coordination (SPCRC).

Learn more about the association, the membership and annual congress at

Esther Seeberger


Unimedsuisse - Universitäre Medizin Schweiz

Die universitäre Medizin ist charakterisiert durch die Trias Patientenversorgung, Forschung und Lehre. Zentrales Merkmal ist die Innovation, die alle drei Bereiche durchdringt.

Agnes Nienhaus

Haus der Akademien
Laupenstrasse 7 | Postfach
CH-3001 Bern
+41 31 306 93 85