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The SCTO is an independent organisation and is based on a joint initiative of the Swiss National Science Foundation and the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences.

As of 2017, the SCTO is a research infrastructure of national importance funded by the State Secretariat of Education, Research and Innovation and the Swiss National Science Foundation.

Clinical research requires an ongoing exchange between the parties involved

For the public and the media

Medical progress is important, but not at any price. It is up to each society to define for itself how high the price of medical progress should be. The right balance between risks and benefits depends on many factors and, ultimately, on an individual’s point of view. Public perception plays an important role as well.

To ensure medical progress, it is necessary to have mutual trust and an ongoing exchange between all the parties involved: including physicians, researchers, patients, industry and the public. Discussing the risks and benefits of clinical research is useful for all stakeholders and lays the foundation for better and more efficient medical care.

The SCTO liaises between stakeholders: for example by providing high-quality and independent information or by organising events and forums that allow direct interactions and promote discussions of controversial issues.

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Cordula Landgraf
Communications and Stakeholder Engagement Director